Since much of the work of the DCR is mandated and regulated by legislation, it is important that the DCR has ready access to the most current legislation. In order to keep Crisis Intervention and Involuntary Commitment agencies and DCRs informed, current information is listed here. Included are links to legislation pertaining to DCRs, legislation pending in the legislature, and other legislative issues.

Pending Legislation/Bills we are watching: 


Governor Inslee’s office released a policy brief related to “operating and capital budgets make significant investments to help transform our system of care”: Policy Brief: Transforming Washington’s Behavioral Health Care System (5 pages)

The WADCR Association Legislative Committee is watching for pending legislation and will provide information and updates here as well as provide email notifications of emergent legislative information.

2020 Active Bills:


SB 6274/HB 2426 In Senate Committee. No movement since Feb 7th hearing.  

This relates to protecting patient safety in psychiatric hospitals and other health care facilities regulated by the Department of Health through improvements to licensing and enforcement including placing a stop on placing patients at a facility where there are serious concerns.



SB 5720In Senate committee, active

WADCR Letter of Response to Legislature

Increases the initial detention period under the ITA from 72 hours to 120 hours effective 1/1/21. Modifies the ITA’s definitions of likelihood of serious harm, gravely disabled, and violent act, and expands the definition of grave disability to “severe deterioration from safe behavior”. Expands single bed certifications to include patients detained due to SUDs, but not until 2026 when integrated involuntary treatment goes into full effect. Creates an ITA workgroup to guide implementation and evaluate effects a. Extends provisions and processes added in recent years to RCW 71.05 to RCW 71.34.



SB 6109 No longer active

Seeks to ensure persons with serious mental illness and substance use disorders who do not meet detention criteria receive proper care and assistance via a guardianship process.



HB 2114Still in the House Committee. No movement since 1/13 when it was reintroduced from last session.

Relates to the transfer of patients on a single bed certification to an evaluation and treatment facility as soon as a bed becomes available.



SB 6469 In Senate Committee, no movement since 2/6 public hearing

Seeks to improve access to behavioral health treatment in certified crisis facilities.


NOTE: the above listing posted 29 February 2020


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