Since much of the work of the DMHP is mandated and regulated by legislation, it is important that the DMHP has ready access to the most current legislation. In order to keep Crisis Intervention and Involuntary Commitment agencies and DMHPs informed, current information is listed here. Included are links to legislation pertaining to DMHPs, legislation pending in the legislature, and other legislative issues.

Pending Legislation/Bills we are watching:  

Active Bills:

 HB 2892 (SSB 5970): Provides grant funding for law enforcement to incorporate a MHP or DMHP into field response team. Will fund two pilots, one on each side of the state.

  • 2892 passed House and Senate L&J hearing

  • 5970 passed Senate (47:0). Public Safety Hearing on 2/20

 SSB 6124: This bill clarifies that ITA hearings may be conducted by video.

  • 2/14 passed Senate (46:2)

  • Referred to House judiciary

 SSB 5553: Creates a process by which a person can voluntarily waive their firearm rights. The goal is to decrease access to lethal means of suicide.

  • 2/14 passed Senate (49:0)

  • 2/15 House judiciary exec

 SSB 6491: Expands Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) eligibility by eliminating prior hospitalization requirement, applying revocation to E&T, and making AOT available for substance use disorder (SUD). Extends higher initial detention standard to all LROs.

  • 2/12 passed Senate (46:1)

  • 2/20 Judiciary hearing

 Dead Bills:

 SSB 5441: suspending firearms at initial 72 hour detention for 6 months from time of hospital discharge.


 WADMHP is writing /did write letters regarding these bills. If you have questions and considerations, please don't hesitate to share your thoughts with WADMHP@gmail.com

We submitted comments to SSB 5441 and it appears that it not pass which was our hope. 2/15/2018

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