Since much of the work of the DCR is mandated and regulated by legislation, it is important that the DCR has ready access to the most current legislation. In order to keep Crisis Intervention and Involuntary Commitment agencies and DCRs informed, current information is listed here. Included are links to legislation pertaining to DCRs, legislation pending in the legislature, and other legislative issues.

Pending Legislation/Bills we are watching: 


Governor Inslee’s office released a policy brief related to “operating and capital budgets make significant investments to help transform our system of care”.

 Policy Brief: Transforming Washington’s Behavioral Health Care System (5 pages): https://www.governor.wa.gov/sites/default/files/Behavioral_Health_policyBrief_Final.pdf

The WADCR Association Legislative Committee is watching for pending legislation as the 2019 Session prepares to begin and will provide information and updates here as well as provide email notifications of emergent legislative information.

Active Bills:


The legislative session for 2018-2019 is completed. 


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