WADCR Fall Conference 2022 – October 20

Andre Stickney MA, MHP and Heather Sheridan MA, MHP, LMHC



The conference will be an in depth look at first episode psychosis. Attendees will better understand and be able to identify the phases of first episode psychosis and the accompanying symptoms, as well as the causes and contributing factors that lead to hospitalizations and involuntary detainment. Participants will be able to identify what specific safety concerns could be seen in the community that are indicators of first episode psychosis and that often lead to (repeated) police involvement and/or involuntary detainment. A main focus will be discussing current early intervention programs and treatment modalities that are being utilized in the state of Washington.


Symptoms of psychosis

  • Positive symptoms 
  • Negative symptoms 
  • Other symptoms 

Phases of psychosis and how to identity

  • Prodromal phase 
  • Acute phase 
  • Recovery Phase 

Causes of psychosis 

  • Stress and psychosis  
  • Substance abuse and psychosis 


  • What does early intervention in the treatment of psychosis look like in the state of Washington?
  • Like many other health conditions, the sooner symptoms can be identified, and appropriate treatment programs utilized the more likely it is for an individual’s overall condition and health to improve.

Other topics addressed:

  • Cultural considerations
  • The role natural supports play with getting individuals enrolled in early intervention programs.
  • The impact that drugs and alcohol have with early detection and how to distinguish between mental health issue and/or substance use.
  • Contributions from stakeholders at the University of Washington, Washington State University and the Washington State Health Care Authority will be included to share the latest research and treatments regarding first episode psychosis.


Andre StickneyAndre Stickney works for the University of Washington as a Continuing Education Specialist in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, specifically supporting the SPIRIT Lab (Supporting Psychosis Innovation through Research, Implementation & Training). Andre is a master’s level mental health therapist residing in Portland, OR. He worked in Vancouver, WA as a Mental Health Therapist and Clinical Supervisor for an ACT team for 5 years before co-launching the New Journey’s FEP team. He was program director of the FEP team for 4 years. In addition to working as part of the SPIRIT Lab, he also works as a crisis outreach worker for Sea Mar CSNW.

Heather SheridanHeather Sheridan is a LMHC in Clark County, WA who has been working with individuals experiencing significant mental health challenges for the last 7 years; having spent four of those working as a Mental Health Therapist on the Program of Assertive Community Treatment. Heather is currently the Program Director for the New Journeys FEP team with Sea Mar CSNW. Heather provides program oversight and works directly with families providing education and support.