Join the WADCR

Why Belong To The Association

Designated Mental Health Professionals from around the state join the Washington Association of Designated Crisis Responders in order to belong to a professional group of colleagues who have similar professional goals. The association offers members a variety of opportunities and resources for providing for maintaining the highest standard of practice in their profession.

  1. The WADCR provides opportunities for the members to remain current in the many facets of their profession. The association endeavors to help Designated Mental Health Professional by providing educational opportunities. The association sponsors two conferences each year  and DCR Academies- one on the  Westside and another on the Eastside.
  2. Members receive the association's bi-yearly publication, Frontlines, which is a rich resource for current articles and legal notes.
  3. The association affords members and agencies the opportunity to network, thus enabling DCR's to work more cooperatively and consistently across the state. Because of its size, varied demographics, and judicial practices, it is important that people working in crisis intervention work have good channels of communication.
  4. During the legislative session the association tries to keep members abreast of pending legislation which may impact their duties. The association attempts to have a representative at legislative hearings on bills which affect DCR's.
  5. Represent the profession to systems which interact with crisis services, for example, Mental Health Division, Regional Support Networks, Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse, Division of Developmental Disabilities, Department of Corrections, etc.
  6. Persons who are not Designated Crisis Responders may join the WADCR.  For example, attorneys, staff, and nursing home employees, are among some of the persons working with DCR's who often find it helpful to belong in order to stay current about the field.

How To Become A Member

A person may join the Washington Association of Designated Crisis Responders at any time during the year by sending an email to


Please indicate whether you are a DCR, your agency, and contact information on how to reach you and what county you serve (if a DCR). Any person attending one of the two annual  conferences will automatically become a member of the Association and receive  Frontlines issues. Membership is for twelve months.

The Frontlines

Members receive an issue of the Frontlines twice a year. Non members and agencies may subscribe to the Frontlines.

For Further Information

Contact us - select Frontlines as the subject.